Fully Automated Sample-to-Result Instrument for Molecular Testing

Product Description

Part Number: A2700

The geneLEAD VIII is a fully automated, sample-to-result precision instrument. The instrument utilizes magDEA Dx SV magnetic bead chemistry for total nucleic acid extraction and is open-platform for user specified qPCR or other other detection analysis. Samples, reagents and consumables are placed in the instrument and the assay is started. The instrument is open platform for qPCR and other Upon completion the nucleic acids are transferred to the PCR well, and the PCR master mix is added and qPCR thermal cycling started. Results are analyzed and reported directly by the instrument and can be accessed remotely using LIMS system.

Starting Sample Volume
200 µL
Elution Volume
20 to 50 µL
PCR Volume
50 µL
Processing Time
DNA Extraction – 30 min
PCR-Thermal cycling protocol dependent
Can be used in one of three modes. Sample-to-Answer, Extraction only or qPCR only.
Themal cycling
Eight independently controlled thermal cyclers.
Capable of running eight different thermal cycling protocols or eight identical thermal cycling protocols.
Fluorsent monitoring
Compatible with the following dyes:
Contamination Control
Fully automated enclosed system with a dedicated lane for each sample, sealed prefilled walled reagent cartridges, HEPA filtered, UV light decontamination.
Uses PSS extraction reagents yielding high-quality nucleic acid extraction with in-tip magnetic bead processing
PCR reagents can be either liquid or lyophilized.
1-Year factory standard warranty is standard with the instrument

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