OEM Opportunities

Laboratory Automation

Customized Solutions
Since 1985

Since our first OEM partnership in 1996, PSS has worked with over 10 companies forming OEM partnerships and delivering over 20,000 instruments worldwide. PSS’s unique technologies, high quality with stable supply supports the success of leading global companies.

PSS has a large variety of capabilities, including: 

  • Product Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Injection Molding
  • Kitting
Company A: Global leader of sample & assay technologies
4,500 units
Company B: Worldwide pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics industry
4,100 units
Company C: World leader in the chemical service industry
1,800 units
Company D: Japan's leader in the healthcare industry
3,000 units

Meeting Today's Challenges

Compact & Versatile Solutions

Our network of interconnected technologies enables us to accurately respond to the changing demands of specialized fields from all over the world.
We are your dedicated OEM partner.

Product Development

Dedicated Partnership
Precision Design and Development
ISO 13485 Certified


Instrument Manufacturing
Custom Injection Molding
Reagent Manufacturing and Kitting


Fully Automated Solutions
User Friendly
Clinical Laboratory Read

Custom Designed Chassis or Off the Shelf

Instrumentation for Any Application

96 Well Processing


Sample to Result
Real-Time PCR

Point of Care

Medium Throughput Processing

High Throughput Processing

Application Specific Technology and Consumables

Antibody Labeled Beads for
ELIZA Assays

Sorbent Packed Tips for
Solid Phase Extractions

Disposable Multichannel Pipet and Tip

Real-Time Automated
Fluorescence Monitoring @

Custom Reagent Containers & Kitting

MagDEA Dx LV 1

Meeting the Changing Demands of Specialized Fields

Simplifying the Science of Discovery

PSS is committed to the rapid development of products in various fields such as infectious disease, oncology, genetics, human identification, animals, and plants in order to contribute to the world’s ongoing health needs.

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