Prefilled Reagent Cartridge for Magnetic Bead Based Nucleic Acid Extractions

Product Description

Part Number: E1310

The MagDEA Dx LV is a magnetic bead-based chemistry for extracting total nucleic acids from whole blood. Sample starting volume is 5mL , but smaller volumes can be used by bringing the sample volume up to 5 mL with PBS. The extraction process includes sample lysis, proteinase K digestion, magnetic bead adsorption, washing and elution for high-yield and high-purity DNA/RNA recovery with extremely low guanidinium salt carry over. The reagent cartridge is self-contained providing all necessary chemistry and waste collection.

Sample Types
Magnetic bead chemistry optimized for Whole Blood
Individually sealed and ready to use reagents cartridges
Barcoded for manufacturing and QC tracking
Stable at room temperature storage and shipping temperatures
Optimized for use with magLEAD 5bL
Required Consumable
magLEAD Tip LV set

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