geneLEAD XII plus

Fully Automated Sample-to-Result Instrument for Molecular Testing

Product Description

The geneLEAD XII plus is a sample-to-result instrument that automates all operations from nucleic acid extraction to amplification and detection. Primary sample detection, sonication, master mix storage, PCR set up, and capping steps minimize hands-on time. Twelve independently controlled PCR channels allow customizable multiplexing. Automated barcode reading, data analysis, interpretation, and LIMS connectivity define geneLEAD XII as a complete walk-away system. 

Fully Automated Sample-to-Result Instrument for Molecular Testing
12 independent channels with three operational modes for versatile sample processing, parallel processing of multiple sample types with single reagent
Contamination Control
Robust Contamination Control
Link up to six geneLEAD VIII to one computer
Open platform for qPCR and detection chemistries, designed for both lyophilized and liquid reagents
12 independently controlled thermal cyclers
6 channel fluorescence, LED excitation for real-time monitoring
Quantitative and qualitative analysis packages

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