Master Tip®

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What Is the Master Tip®?

How It Works

The Master Tip® is a disposable, self-contained, 8 channel tip. Several Master Tips can be combined to form an inexpensive 48 or 96 well pipetting head for high throughput sample processing. The need for expensive 96-well pipetting heads is eliminated, reducing maintenance.

The Master Tip® consists of solid polypropylene body and a top sealed with an elastomer membrane. The tip is used in conjunction with the instrument’s dedicated metal plungers. The plungers are inserted into the tips cavity, deforming the membrane around it and becoming a closed pipetting unit. Raising or lowering the plungers within the tip will increase or decrease the tips pipetting volume. The main pipetting system is protected from contamination by the tip’s sealing membrane.

The Master Tip® is compatible with SLAS-standard plates, and has a functional range of 25 to 200 µL with a CV < 5%.

Meeting the Changing Demands of Specialized Fields

Simplifying the Science of Discovery

PSS is committed to the rapid development of products in various fields such as infectious disease, oncology, genetics, human identification, animals, and plants in order to contribute to the world’s ongoing health needs.

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