Privacy Policy

PSS will protect the private information received from customers in the website ( as much as possible. It also complies with laws, guidelines, and other regulations concerning private information and handles the information according to the privacy policy shown below.

1. Private information of customer
Normally, no private information of the customer is needed in viewing the PSS’s website. However, when the services such as inquiry, member registration, and questionnaire survey are provided on the website, customers’ private information such as name and address may be asked in the range needed.

2. Protection and control of private information
PSS will prevent external leakage of the private information collected from customers and protect and control the information as much as possible. In addition, for smoothly and fruitful operation of the services provided by PSS, handling of such private information may be contracted to a third company, but even in such a case, PSS will protect and control the information for prevention of leakage as much as possible and takes suitable measures such as the conclusion of a nondisclosure agreement. PSS will also take suitable measures for improvement of computer security against unfair invasion and access from outside, for protection of private information.

3. Use of private information
In principle, PSS does not use the private information collected from customers for purposes other than those described above. However, information that would be of interest for customers may be provided from PSS or an external contracted company under the consent of customers. If a customer does not wish to receive the information, the customer can terminate delivery of it, simply by notifying the distributor.

If disclosure of customers’ private information is requested by a public organization such as court, police, prosecutor office, or an organization similar to that, the information may be disclosed without the consent of the customers.

4. Correction and deletion of private information
The private information collected from a customer will be corrected or deleted without delay upon notification from the customer.

5. Applicable law and competent court
Operation and maintenance of the PSS’s website during use of it are carried out according to U.S. laws, unless specified otherwise.

In addition, any and all disputes in relation to this site shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Matsudo District Court as court of first instance, unless otherwise provided for herein.

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