Prefilled Reagent Cartridge for Magnetic Bead Based Nucleic Acid Extractions

Product Description

MagDEA® Dx reagents were developed for fully automated nucleic acid systems. The extraction process includes sample lysis, proteinase K digestion, magnetic bead adsorption, washing and elution. The cartridges are pre-filled and sealed with all reagents required for high-quality nucleic acid extraction. Optimized for all PSS instruments.

Sample Types
Magnetic bead chemistry and protocols optimized for many sample types
Individually sealed and ready to use reagents cartridges, reagents suitable for many sample types
Barcoded enabled for manufacturing and QC tracking
Stable at ambient storage and shipping temperatures
Optimized for use with magLEAD® and geneLEAD® instruments

Meeting the Changing Demands of Specialized Fields

Simplifying the Science of Discovery

PSS is committed to the rapid development of products in various fields such as infectious disease, oncology, genetics, human identification, animals, and plants in order to contribute to the world’s ongoing health needs.

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