PSS mag LEAD 5bL

Changing the Face of Technology

User-Friendly Options

PSS is constantly working to meet the changing demands of specialized fields. We create user-friendly and open systems for various fields based on our refined technology of compact, versatile, and easy-to-maintain systems.

Separation / Concentration, Cell disruption

Sample Preparation


Ultrasonic fragmentation of cells and tissues

Biomolecure Capture

Biomolecule capture (separation and concentration of aqueous sample)

DNA extraction/purification, Reagent dispensing, Total nucleic acid extraction reagent


Real-time PCR / Fluorescent detection, Multiplex fluorescent/Chemiluminescence measurement, Latex agglutination immunonephelometric measurement

Amplification/Detection, Analysis

Meeting the Changing Demands of Specialized Fields

Simplifying the Science of Discovery

PSS is committed to the rapid development of products in various fields such as infectious disease, oncology, genetics, human identification, animals, and plants in order to contribute to the world’s ongoing health needs.

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